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South County Alliance

South County Survey Results

During December of 2022 and the first week of January 2023, we shared a survey with residents of Grizzly Flats to get feed-back from the community about moving forward and how South County Alliance can help. These are the results of the Yes/No and Multiple Choice questions from that survey.

To read the answers of the "Essay" question replies, please click here.

Burger Nights:

Walt Tyler School:

We asked those replying "Yes" to the question above for the number of children they have. Many people skipped this answer even after saying they have school-aged children. The total number of school-aged children reported was 8, but this is not an accurate number from the 11 respondents who reported they have school aged children.

We asked about a park and The Grizzly Pond:

Community Center:

When there is a Community Center, what would you like to see go on there?

Respondents were able to select more than one answer for this question.

Water District Meetings: 35
Classes: Excerise, Art, Dance, Tutoring: 47
Community Garden: 39
4-H Meetings: 33
Burger Nights: 55
Family Reunions: 23
Music Events: 45
Daycare Services: 21
Health Services: Vaccines, Health Checks, Blood Donations: 40
Sports: Baseball, Soccer, Pickle Ball, Disc Golf, Basketball: 36
Senior Meals: 38
Community Gatherings/Meals: 53
Community Bulletin Board: 52
Movie Nights: 43

Community Center "Other" Responses:

Living Status

What is your current living situation?

Respondents were able to select more than one answer for this question.

We had less than 50% damage from the fire, still in our home: 32
We are rebuilding in Grizzly Flats: 16
We are rebuilding elsewhere: 2
We are living in an RV: 9
We are already in our new home in Grizzly Flats: 8
We are new to the community: 4
We are totally undecided about our future: 6

Living Situation "Other" Responses: